Avery Heilbron

I love real estate and everything to do with houses. I'm here to help you make great decisions in the real estate sector.
Avery Heilbron

Avery Heilbron

I am a Canadian living in America and found my way here through playing college soccer and stayed because of my girlfriend Mia. We currently live in Durham, NC where I own and operate short and long term rentals. After my half a decade of real estate investing experience I decided to go all in on helping others buy,sell or invest in real estate.

I started in real estate by househacking a a duplex – feel free to read my free e-book to learn more – This and many other properties taught me a lot about the real estate world. I have been through many transactions and have a breadth of knowledge in the industry and a wealth of contacts to share. I also have intimate knowledge of home construction and can help spot out any issues on a home tour.

I became financially free through real estate in 2022. This means my properties cover my expenses and lifestyle. This also means I’m not a real estate agent chasing commission checks, but looking out for your best interest.

I love fitness, hiking, and making really good food. I also REALLY love Real estate.


What People Say

Avery is an extremely dedicated mentor and coach. Rather than jump into investing specifics, he first helped me get a sense of my overall financial goals and strategy. When, after discussions with him, I chose real estate investing as my initial strategy to achieve financial independence, he gave me the guidance I needed to make my first steps into this arena. I would not have had the confidence or expertise needed to complete the purchase of my first investment property if it hadn’t been for Avery’s mentorship. From placing the offer, to dealing with unexpected surprises, to navigating the loan process, Avery’s advice was instrumental, and I’m so grateful I had his support along the way. If you want an expert guide to help you along the way of financial independence, I’d highly recommend seeking out Avery’s advice and support.
Jon Bakken
Avery significantly helped me on my journey to purchase my first small multifamily property. His personal story with real estate not only allows him to provide great advice, but it also motivates you to strive for that next level in your investing career. I would recommend Avery to you if you’re starting your journey in real estate and looking for a knowledgeable advisor who can push you to get your first or next deal.
“Instead of decreasing my spending on hobbies and going out with friends, Avery taught me how to reduce my spending in other, more significant ways. With Avery’s help, I was able to cut down on my housing and grocery expenses with the ultimate goal of doubling my monthly student loan payments. In the end, I will be able to pay my loans off in less than half the allotted time, without sacrificing the parts of my life that make me happy. Avery can help you make smart financial decisions that fit into the context of your goals and values. I would recommend him to anyone!”
“Avery has been a trustworthy and knowledgeable friend who has been extremely helpful in our process of acquiring our first property under an FHA loan. I love his mantra of ‘how to set your life up to do less and get paid more’, which I believe resonates with everyone. I would recommend anyone wanting to achieve financial freedom to have a chat with Avery to learn more!”
John & Viv
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